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Axos® Invest Managed Portfolios takes the high fees out of investing to help you reach your financial goals. Easily create an automated investment account in minutes; no previous investing experience necessary!

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Professional investing, without the high price tag.

The less you spend on investment fees, the more money you’ll have to invest. That’s why Axos Invest charges a 0.24% annual fee compared to the 1.0% annual fee charged by many traditional advisors.

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Portfolios built to your specification.

When you create an Axos Invest account, we’ll recommend an investment portfolio which optimally weights your time horizon, desired amount of risk and potential return in order to determine your preferred investment strategy.

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Your vision combined with our precision.

With our Portfolio Plus feature, you can design portfolios with an expanded list of 30+ investment options and have control over each allocation. This feature gives you the freedom to follow your values or your gut.

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Invest towards your goals.

Plan for both short and long-term goals with our Axos Invest milestones. After we help you setup your investment strategy, we’ll help you determine how much you can save for retirement, or help you set investment goals like saving for a Rainy Day or a New Home.

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