Personalized Financial Planning

Make Plans with Milestones

Once you create an Axos Invest account, you can create unlimited Milestones for specific financial goals. You can make different milestones for different goals like investing towards a Rainy Day or a New Home. We help automate your Milestone by suggesting deposit plans, rebalancing your investments, and tracking your progress.

Timing Is Everything

Your Milestone has a time horizon (the period by which you want to achieve your milestone). Your time horizon helps us determine how aggressively to invest your portfolio. For example, a Milestone with a time horizon of forty years will be more aggressively invested in stocks, while a milestone you want to access in two years may invest more heavily in bonds.

Eyes On The Prize

You can choose to have portfolios updates as you get closer to achieving each Milestone. Built into your portfolios is our Glide Path feature, which automatically rebalances your portfolios as you get closer to achieving your Milestones. We’ll recommend a starting and ending allocation based on your targets, risk profile, and time horizon, with enhanced guidance across every step. This feature works well for Milestones with longer timelines, typically 5 years or more.

Invest In The Present

Love your future.