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Professional investing, without the high price tag.

Fees can have a major impact on your investment portfolio. That’s why Axos Invest aims to keep fees low so you can maximize your return on investment. We keep it simple; you’ll pay a flat 0.24% advisory fee on your account balance, with no other hidden charges for trading commissions, transaction fees, or rebalancing fees.

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Estimated Total Monthly Cost

We do the heavy lifting

Axos Invest Managed Portfolios builds, monitors, and automatically rebalances a diversified portfolio based on your goals. We offer 32 asset classes to choose from with our Portfolio Plus feature, which means you can construct more diverse portfolios to help balance risk.

Fees and Features

It’s important to understand not just how much you’ll pay, but also what features you’ll have with an investment account. Check out how Axos Invest stacks up against the competition.

Axos Invest
Managed Portfolios
Betterment Wealthfront Fidelity Go
Advisory fees 0.24% 0.25% 0.35% 0.35%
Account minimum $500 $0 $500 $10
Tax-loss harvesting yes yes yes yes
Unlimited and automatic rebalancing yes yes no no
Number of asset classes Over 30 Up to 14 Up to 11 6 to 8
Exclude ETFs from portfolio to avoid wash sales yes yes no no
Ability to choose individual asset classes yes yes no no
Taxable account yes yes yes yes
SEP IRA yes yes yes no
Traditional IRA yes yes yes yes
Roth IRA yes yes yes yes

Competitors’ information obtained from their respective websites as of 06/18/2020. Pricing and offers are subject to change without notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an account minimum?

Our account minimum is $500.

How will I be charged?

Your 0.24% annual advisory fee is calculated monthly based on your average account balance of non-cash assets and will automatically be deducted from your account.

What types of investment accounts are available?

We offer Individual Personal Investment Accounts, Roth IRA accounts, Traditional IRA accounts, and SEP IRA accounts.

Can I withdraw money from my investment account?

Yes, you can withdraw money from your taxable investment account at any time. However, there may be fees for withdrawing from an IRA or nontaxable account

What are milestones?

An Axos Invest Milestone is a financial goal you set, like saving for a Rainy Day or investing towards a New Home. It’s part of our financial pllanning service that lets you set financial goals and their individual timelines. We help automate that goal by suggesting deposti plans, rebalancing your investments, and tracking your progress.

Invest and Chill

We'll monitor your portfolio with you.